Our service is closed for now due to Skype no longer allowing 3rd party integration.

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Skysponder-CloudTop250x250Skysponder is proud to be the first ever, 100% permission based, direct response marketing solution that manages your Skype™ contacts.

Skysponder allows you to automate your Skype™ instant message communications through list & chat room segmentation, instant & scheduled message broadcasting and followup series messaging features. Until now, this type of robust marketing system was only available for email communications.

Skysponder gives you  the power to bypass ISP/Email spam and junk mail filtering as well as  blacklisting services. In these companies efforts to protect the recipient from non permission based communications, many legitimate communications that the recipient gave permission and expect to receive make their way to the spam folder, get lost or not even delivered. This will NEVER happen with Skysponder!

Skysponder was designed by online business owners… for online business owners. We are extremely excited about the future of Skysponder. We have many other great features in the works that we know you will find exciting as well.

List Management!

Skysponder gives you the power to create segmented and manageable Skype™ friends lists very similar to the way you would with a email autoresponder service.

The difference being, when using our service, you bypass blacklist services, ISP and Email spam filters.

Webform signups, subscriber dashboard list management, double optin, password protection options and easy unsubscribe features come standard in the Skysponder system.

Immediate and scheduled broadcasts as well as followups come standard with all lists as well!

Chat Management!

Skysponder is the first and only solution to offer 100% hand off chat room management features and allow signups to your rooms from a webform.

Simply post a webform and subscribers not only get added to a segmented list associated with that room but they are also automatically added to the chat room, announced to the room and given a personalized welcome message.

Users, room topic, guidelines and password protection options for the room can be managed from your dashboard.

Once your room is configured Skysponder does all the work!


Broadcast Lists

Broadcast lists are a segmented group of individuals that complete an opt-in form for a particular list.

Groups (Chat Rooms)

Groups are a segmented group of individuals that complete an opt-in form for a particular list that also get added into a chat room environment.

Chatroom Moderation Panel

We offer moderation panels for each of the Skype chat rooms you are a creator of.

From there, with one click of a button, you can place the entire room in and out of “Listen Only Mode” so members are not allowed to discuss things without a moderator present.

You also have the ability to moderate individual members and send messages directly into the room or to all the individual members of the chat room.

Broadcast & Followup Messages

Broadcast messages are scheduled immediately or in the future. This message type may be delivered to individuals of a broadcast list /group or delivered directly into a group chat room.

Followup messages are scheduled and delivered to individuals of a broadcast list or group based on the date and time they join the list or group

Opt-in Forms & Hosted Squeeze Pages

Our opt-in form generator allows you to create multiple unique forms for a list to collect the right information for the right instance and still add your subscriber to the list or group.

Each form you create in the system you have the option to grab the html code to display your opt-in form remotely or you may grab a url and send people directly to a system hosted squeeze page.

Link Tracking & Stats

All links included in messages sent through skysponder are automatically tracked to provide valuable information and statistical data.

Custom Form Fields

You are able to collect all types of data through the use of our custom form fields generator. You may add text fields, text areas, drop down selects & radio button selection options to any remotely hosted or system hosted squeeze page.

Public & Subscriber Dashboards

We provide a url to your own co-branded company dashboard that centrally lists each of your broadcast lists and groups that you have set to public access. Imagine this dashboard as your own directory. This is a great way to advertise everything you are publishing. We even provide social sharing tools so that your company dashboard can go viral.

A subscriber dashboard is provided to every subscriber of yours as a way to manage their subscriptions they have with you. We also provide a way for them to see all your public listed lists for cross promotion. This is a great way to advertise everything you are publishing to existing subscribers that know, like and trust you. We even provide social sharing tools so that your subscribers can share access to your publicly available lists

Mobile Optimized

We designed our service from the ground up. We have made certain that our hosted forms and internal client inetrfaces respond and render properly in all popular mobile devices. No annoying scrolling and zooming needed! You and your clients will have no problem going mobile while interacting with our service. You are no longer tied to your desktop.

Help Desk & Knowledgebase

At Skysponder, we believe every customer is an important asset. They are why we exist. We also understand that our growth is dependent on keeping our customers satisfied. Our support service staff are available Monday – Friday, except public US holidays, to respond to your help desk tickets.

We offer a knowledgebase for our clients too. Our knowledgebase can be a great resource for ideas or support outside our normal support hours.

and More...

Skysponder does all of this, and a whole lot more…

Check out our Features page for full details.